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Saturday, 22 July 2017

This Group Donates Free Uniforms to Primary School Pupils See them

Impactful Generational Leverage Organisation (IGLO) a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) on Tuesday 18th of July, 2017 went out in celebration of the International Mandela's Day to celebrate with the pupils of Idomowo Community Primary School, Ijebu North East of Ogun state with the organizations team in  a visit tagged "30 Minutes of Impacts" to pay the school a visit in celebration of the day.

While the team was in the school in the previous week for a Free Sandals Distribution trip as a volunteer to the Encouragement Initiatives EI another NGO who has been distributing free school sandals to the students who come to school in a terrible footwear was in the school to distribute sandals as part of what they have been doing for almost a decade now, the IGLO team discovered some sets of Pupils who came to school in terrible school uniforms and as part of the organizations goal they promise to check back to the school on what they can do to help the situation.

While the world is celebrating the International Mandela's Day the team took their team to the school to fulfill the promise of providing the school uniform to the pupils in the school. 


The team at the school after the distribution of the school uniforms

The pupils showing their school uniforms after been given by the organization 

Some of the organization member and the pupils

Members of the Organizations with the parents of the pupils and the pupils

The Pupils and the parents

Member of the team and a pupil

Presentation of the uniform to one of the pupils

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  1. keep the good work on, nice to have someone like you making the world a better place